Dnipro-1 midfielder Igor Kogut commented on the UPL match with Ingulets (2:0), in which he scored one goal, scoring in the team’s second game in a row.

– Igor, after such a goal is usually asked, did he directly know that it was necessary to strike at that moment?

– Yes, I saw that the goalkeeper was making a move towards me, but I didn’t see how close he came to me, so I tried to hit my head as hard as possible – the main thing is that the ball hit the target.

– These are the openings behind the backs of the defenders – was it part of today’s tactical actions?

– Indeed, Oleksandr Kucher said that we should play at our best, break into the zones, and I did it.

– In the last match, you also scored, and the goal was decisive in extra time. Did you expect to be in the first team today?

– All this is decided by the head coach. This is his vision of how the game could turn out. Perhaps he could see that I would come on as a substitute and help the team in this way, but he decided to put me in from the first minutes. I am grateful to him for this opportunity to play in the starting lineup and I hope that I justified this trust.

– You haven’t been in the starting lineup for a long time. How hard was it to wait for your chance?

– I trained normally, but, as they say, “God is not Timoshka – he sees a little”, and now all this is being returned to me for my work. This is for my diligence, for not giving up and not hanging up my nose, but constantly training.

– Today’s match took place in difficult weather conditions: the first half was against the wind, and the second half was downwind. How much did it affect the game?

– We were warned that the first half would be against the wind, so we had to act calmly, and after the break we knew that we would have good chances in attack.

– Did the fact that the entire group of leaders won before this somehow put pressure on you psychologically?

– No, it wasn’t too hard. We go to each match with an attempt to win, and after the match we will see who played and how, who has what place in the standings.

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2023-04-29 15:45:00

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