Acting head coach of Dynamo Kyiv Oleksandr Shovkovskiy shared his impressions of the team’s match against Metalist (3:1) in the 23rd round of the Ukrainian Championship and praised his debut on the team’s coaching bridge.

– Good afternoon. I hope that it will also be good for our entire country. We know what happened in Ukraine tonight. Football, thank God, continues, but we are well aware that for us the main victory will be the most valuable, which we all want and wait for.

– Compare the excitement of your first game as a coach to that you had when you were a player.

“These are other concerns. When you played, you were responsible for your actions, responsible, to a certain extent, for your mood. Having a lot of experience behind you, you feel how you can influence the team, the team, the players. You must be confident in yourself. In principle, the same confidence should come from the coach. But first of all, I want to emphasize that we have a head coach. Unfortunately, it so happened that he had health problems. We all wish him a speedy recovery and we want the operation to go without any complications.

Regarding my first experience as a team leader, we were constantly in touch with the head coach. There is a training system that does not change, it is impossible to change it in any sense. Everything is happening as planned.

– How satisfied are you with today’s game?

– Everything, in principle, was normal. We controlled the game, although not everything went well. We had chances in the first half that we had to convert. We understood how our opponent would play. We missed a few sharp attacks. Then we scored two goals, and supposedly everything was supposed to be fine. But then there was an unfortunate mistake, and the team was confused. We will understand why this happened. The problem is not that someone made a mistake and we conceded a goal. Everyone is wrong. The problem is that after the goal, for some reason, we were confused. After they conceded, some kind of confusion began, which continued until the third goal scored.

– In the first half, Metalist defended very well. How much did it help your team to score with a removal in the opponents at the very beginning of the second half?

– You probably saw that we tried to actively prevent the opponent from playing the ball. And when we had one more player, it became much easier for us to do this. We pressed the opponent and tried to speed up the game in order to limit the opponents in time and space, to make them make mistakes. We have, in principle, succeeded. But individual mastery should be always and everywhere. And in defense, and in attack, and in ball passes. We emphasized, told the players that we would not be able to score a goal if we did not shoot on goal. Today, long-range shots led to the first goal, and then good combinations helped us score the second and third goals.

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2023-04-28 13:18:00

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