Oleksandriya’s mentor Ruslan Rotan, after losing 1:5 in the UPL match against Dynamo, was dissatisfied with the mood of the players who are unstable.

You have to accept this defeat. Calmly understand, do the analysis. As for the game itself, we played the first half at a fairly normal level. After the break, we had to play by the score, began to open up, more often gave the opponent zones. And this is Dynamo’s trump card – to take advantage of such situations.

The team is very hard going after such defeats. But we must understand that we have three decisive matches ahead of us. It is necessary to draw conclusions after today’s defeat. The mentality in our team is very poor. When you succeed, you need to strive for more. And now we have this: we won one match, and we are already flying somewhere, calming down. So the number one task is to correct the mentality. At the same time, you need to recover and, as a result, in the remaining matches, be a team striving for European competition.

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2023-05-20 17:05:00

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