Midfielder “Dynamo” Anton Tsarenko spoke about his impressions of working with the main team of Kiev.

“In the spring of last year, they began to involve me in the training process of the main team. He made his debut for the main team in a charity match against the Estonian “Flora”. In the summer I went to the training camp with the team in Switzerland. Mister said that I am not yet at the level of the first team. However, he made his debut in the Champions League qualifying match against Benfica. I played for the U-19s for six months. During the winter training camp, he proved himself well. Lucescu noticed my progress. They give me chances that I have to use. There are no concessions. I work with everyone.

I communicate with Lucescu through his assistant Emil Karas. He is always next to him – prompts, translates, gives instructions. Mircea always speaks to us. Can stop training if someone does something wrong. This is especially true for young players. But then he will explain how it was necessary to act in this or that situation.

Mister tries me in different positions. I trust his experience. And I will play where I will bring the greatest benefit to the team. Alexander Vladimirovich (Shovkovsky – ed.) is always in touch with Mister. More attention and time began to be given to standard positions and completion exercises.

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2023-05-20 00:19:00

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