On Saturday, April 29, the match of the 32nd round of the championship of Spain took place.

At home, Barcelona defeated Real Betis 4-0.

In the 86th minute, a 15-year-old junior entered the field for the hosts Lamin Yamal and became the youngest player ever to play for Barcelona.

La Liga. 32nd round. April 29

Barcelona – Betis – 4:0

Scorers: Christensen 14, Lewandowski 36, Rafinha 39, Rodriguez 82 (own goal)

Video review of the match

GOAL! 1:0 Christensen, 14 min.

GOAL! 2:0 Lewandowski, 36 min.

GOAL! 3:0 Rafinha, 39 min.

GOAL! 4:0 Rodriguez, 82 min. (own goal)

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2023-04-29 22:34:00

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