Menai’s mentor Volodymyr Sharan assessed the victory 1:0 in the match of the Ukrainian championship against Chornomorets. Both teams share 9th-10th place with 29 points.

“Great weather, great stadium. The heat hit us and it was hard to move. I think that we have correctly built the game scheme, because the opponent is in excellent shape. He played well against Dynamo. Won. At the end of the match, the opponent threw all the attackers into battle. I am very grateful to the guys and the goalkeeper Alexander Bandura, who played the best match this year.”

“The most difficult thing for us today was going from defense to attack. They made a lot of mistakes. We emphasized the game on defense, because the opponent has very fast players. Of course, the pressure was serious and it was hard to go on the attack. And, of course, the last minutes were difficult when the opponent was pressing.

“We read the news, we know that the day before, people were killed in Odessa due to the shelling of the Russians. I want peace to come to Odessa and throughout Ukraine,” Sharan said.

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2023-05-20 17:26:00

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