Chornomorets vice-president Vladimir Geninson said that the club is open for sale of defender Vladimir Salyuk and midfielder Maxim Bragar.

Bragaru’s contract has a clause of 0.5 million euros, while Saluk has 1 million euros.

“If we talk about the clauses of these players, it’s one and a half million euros or dollars (for both)… For one and a half million, you can strengthen with 5-6 quality players who can shoot and be sold. I am for commerce.

“Should we leave them? Probably yes, but financially and for the club as a whole, I think it’s better to sell them. Other players, if they see the transfers of Bragara and Saluk, they will understand that they will not be kept here, ”Geninson said.

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2023-05-26 12:48:00

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