General Director of Shakhtar Sergey Palkin commented that FIFA has extended a rule that allows legionnaires to effectively suspend their contracts with Ukrainian and Russian clubs during the war.

“We have already lost approximately 40 million euros because of this FIFA decision. And now we risk losing the same amount.

FIFA says that they were pressured by the FIFPRO football players’ union, which demanded that all legionnaires be granted free agent status in general. And FIFA seems to have already compromised with its decision.

But I think it’s a political issue. We understand the relationship FIFA has with Russia. And this is another point that really pisses me off. How could they make the same decisions regarding us and Russian football.

Hey, did you mix anything up there? They are the aggressor, and we are the victims. You are destroying us, not helping us.

It’s good that some consultations and talks about creating a fund to support Ukrainian football have now begun. This is at least some kind of shift,” Palkin said.

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2023-05-26 13:37:00

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