FIFA boss Infantino urges World Cup ceasefire in Ukraine

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said during a lunch with the leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) major economies on the island of Bali in Indonesia that the month-long World Cup, which begins on Sunday in Qatar, offered a unique platform for peace.


The World Cup-lengthy ceasefire in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine was requested by FIFA, the organization that governs soccer worldwide, on Tuesday. A nation that is hosting the event this year is where the conflict is happening. He urged that all parties involved cooperate during the tournament in order to use it as a “positive trigger” to work towards resolving the issue.
Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, said that the month-long World Cup, which starts on Sunday in Qatar, provided a special opportunity for peace during a lunch with the leaders of the major nations that make up the Group of 20 (G20) on the Indonesian island of Bali.
“My request to all of you, to consider a temporary ceasefire for one month for the term of the World Cup,” Infantino pleaded with the parties in conflict. He urged everyone to consider a one-month temporary ceasefire to coincide with the World Cup, or “at least the implementation of some humanitarian corridors,” or “anything that could lead to the resumption of dialogue as a first step to peace.” “I implore you all to consider a temporary ceasefire for one month throughout the World Cup.”
Because you are the most powerful people on earth, you have the potential to shape the path of history. People from all over the world have a unique chance to engage and work together to reach a common goal of achieving world peace thanks to the World Cup and football in general.
The 20th FIFA World Cup will be hosted in Qatar from November 20 to December 18, making it the first country in the Middle East to host soccer’s most prestigious competition.
In the most recent World Cup, which was held in 2018, Russia advanced all the way to the semifinals; but, as a result of its invasion of Ukraine, the nation will not be allowed to participate in the event this year. Ukraine was unable to qualify for the competition in Qatar since Wales defeated Ukraine in the last playoff in the month of June.
This year’s event is expected to be seen by almost 5.5 billion people, which might spread a message of hope to people all around the world. Infantino stated that Russia served as the competition’s host nation in 2018, and that Ukraine is currently vying to host the event in 2030.
He continued, “Perhaps this year’s World Cup, which kicks off in just five days, can be that good catalyst.”
Throughout the course of the tournament, 32 different teams will compete, and Qatar will host a total of 64 matches. The tournament’s past champions, including Brazil, Germany, Argentina, France, and Spain, are among the teams who will be competing. There will also be teams competing from Saudi Arabia, Japan, Senegal, Costa Rica, and other nations.
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