Yesterday “Darmstadt” in the 33rd round of the second German Bundesliga at home beat “Magdeburg” with a score of 1:0. This allowed the club to secure an advance in the class ahead of schedule one round before the finish of the championship.

Heidenheim, which is second in the standings, still has a theoretical chance to get ahead of Darmstadt, but Hamburg, which is in third place, no longer has.

Thus, Darmstadt returns to the Bundesliga after a 5-year break. The next season will be the fourth in the history of the club in the elite division.

Unfassbar was hier abgeht, unfassbar! 😍😍😍#sv98 | #lilien | #Uffstisch

β€” SV Darmstadt 98 (@sv98) May 19, 2023

#years #Darmstadt #returned #Bundesliga

2023-05-20 05:28:00

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