On Tuesday, May 18, the return match of the 1/2 finals of the Europa League between Bayer Leverkusen and Roma took place. The game ended with the score 0:0.

In the first match in Rome, the hosts won 1-0. According to the sum of two meetings, Roma passed to the final of the LE.

After the meeting, the mentor of the Romans Jose Mourinho commented on the success of the team:

“We want to support Emilia-Romagna (a flood has begun in the region, at least 9 people have already died – ed.). In the moment of difficulties, you need to look for the best in yourself. There is a moment of great celebration in Rome, but the difficulties of these people must not be forgotten.

Back to the game, this is my team. The guys give everything, this game is the concentration of our work, our experience.

Two finals in two years? I’m not interested in writing the history of Roma, but in helping the guys grow and do something important, and also to please the Roma fans who have given me so much. I want to bring joy to these people. For us, this is a great joy.

Both Sevilla and Juventus are very strong, it didn’t matter to me who would become an opponent. We’ll think about it later.”

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2023-05-19 01:21:00

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