Dynamo Kyiv defender Konstantin Vivcharenko commented on the game of the 23rd round of the Ukrainian Championship with Metalist (3:1), in which he became the author of the third goal of the Kyivans.

– Today you scored the first goal for Dynamo in the Ukrainian Championship, how do you feel?

– The emotions are unforgettable, because I really wanted to either score myself or give an assist to help the team win. I have been going to this for a long time, so I am very glad that I managed to excel.

– How did you get so high in that attack – in the opponent’s penalty area? Do you work out such actions in training or have you improvised?

– Of course, we do all these moments in training, so when I saw the free zone, I joined the attack. Thanks to Vitaly Buyalsky for noticing me and giving me a pass.

– What is the mood of the team for the final segment of the season? Will new forces be added after such a confident victory over Metalist?

– Of course, we tune in to each game as much as possible. I hope today’s success will give us even more confidence, and we will play the rest of the matches in the same spirit.

– Dynamo have three away matches in a row – Uzhgorod, Poltava, Krivoy Rog, how difficult will this period be, in your opinion?

– Tomorrow we return to Kyiv, we will recover and prepare for each next match, as usual. For us, it makes no difference whether he is in Kyiv or away.

– What did the acting head coach of Dynamo Alexander Shovkovsky say to you personally after the match in the locker room?

– He just congratulated the team on their victory.f

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2023-04-28 14:44:00

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