Former Ukrainian national team and Dynamo Kyiv forward Viktor Leonenko, who is now a football expert, explained his criticism of Arsenal defender Oleksandr Zinchenko.

Do I often criticize? I just want to show people that he’s not what everyone thinks he is. Zinchenko has already confused everyone, even himself. Is he a left-back or a defensive player? He probably doesn’t know himself. It seems that he plays where it is convenient for him, but in the end he does not have time anywhere.

And when they start writing that he is the best left-back in the world, then I feel uneasy. It feels like everyone is blind! Therefore, I specifically watch Arsenal matches and analyze Zinchenko’s game.

Everyone says that Arsenal is nothing without Zinchenko. You look at his statistics, and there are two assists and a goal. How are you? Odegaard and Martinelli have already scored 15 goals, and we all praise Zinchenko! I think he himself should already be sick of the fact that there are so many of him in the press, ”Leonenko said.

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2023-05-19 07:28:00

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