The head coach of the Dnipro-1 team Oleksandr Kucher gave his assessment of the match against Kolos Kolos (2:1) in the 27th round of the UPL.

We played two different halves today. Before the break, we didn’t have concentration and composure somewhere, which is why we gave the opposing team a lot of chances to score – they scored a goal, and could have scored even more. In the first half, our guys were not like themselves. We cannot enter the game like this and make so many mistakes right at the beginning of the match, but we must be collected, concentrated and aggressive. And what happened in the first half was some kind of madhouse. But during the break we had a talk and in the second half the team came out with a different mood – they ran forward and did not let the opponent do something at their gates. The most important thing was when we scored the second goal. The guys in this regard are great – they endured to the end and were awarded this goal. A very important victory for us. Now let’s move on and prepare for the next matches.

– In what condition is Gutsulyak?

– He has an injury now and we will wait for his speedy recovery, because he is an important player for us.

Will he still have time to play this season?

– Now we have a day of pause, after which we will look at his recovery dynamics. If it gets better, then of course, we will wait for him in the next match, and if he feels any discomfort, then we, of course, will not risk his health.

– Do you follow Shakhtar’s results, or are you guided only by your game?

– Of course, we look at our game, what we need to improve, where we have problems. Shakhtar are playing their own game and it makes no sense for us to follow this.

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2023-05-19 13:34:00

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