Minai head coach Volodymyr Sharan shared his emotions from the game of the 23rd round of the Ukrainian Premier League with Metalist 1925 Kharkiv (1:1).

“I think that the natural result is a draw. We created good chances, but the opponents had an advantage in ball control. They created one dangerous moment in each of the halves, where we did not cope with the standards. But the first 30 minutes in our performance were a failure. We knew they had good ball control, they had good technical players. We wanted to beat this team by force. But the result put pressure on the guys. I didn’t recognize them before the game.

Management does everything to ensure that we win. That is, it motivates the guys, we have no debts, there is complete order in the team. But the excitement of experienced players – I was surprised by it. After the changes, the game changed. The players who entered the field stepped up the game. It’s good that we ended up with a draw.

Melnik injury? I think everything will be fine. They did not understand the episode when there was a riding ball. Minor damage – until the next match, I think he will recover.

Thanks for giving back to the team. The first 30 minutes need to be disassembled, analyzed, because psychology comes to the fore. Not physics, but psychology. We used to see a more relaxed team, and today’s first 30 minutes were stiffness. In the end, we already thought about how to save the result that we have.

There are also staffing issues. Vorobchak dropped out for six months. We lack aggressiveness in front, on the flanks. Today we have seen especially clearly that this is not enough.

At present, I cannot say that we lack the number of players. Twenty field players and three goalkeepers were preparing for the match. Only Kravchuk dropped out, who was injured in the match against Veres. There are enough players, but I want more creativity on the flanks. We have a good team, we continue to work. There are seven rounds left. We work, we try to stay in the league for the next season,” Sharan said.

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2023-04-29 15:24:00

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