On April 30, Anfield will host the match of the 34th round of the English Premier League, in which Liverpool will meet Tottenham Hotspur. The start of the fight is scheduled for 18:30 Kyiv time.


The club remains under the control of Jurgen Klopp. This is where there is maximum loyalty to each other from all sides, proven not only by years of success, but also by serious problems. And now they are clearly more than in the post-championship season 2020/2021. Most likely, the Reds will bring to their asset only the FA Super Cup, won last summer. From all tournaments, the Merseysiders flew out, and in the Premier League they showed poor results. But in April there were just a lot of good matches. It turned out to get away from defeat to Arsenal, although they were burning 0:2, after which they won against Leeds (here and at all 6:1!) And Nottingham Forest. The series managed to be extended with West Ham, although Liverpool missed first.


The team, in fact, is playing out, tormenting the season. A year ago, under the leadership of Conte, it turned out to snatch 4th place in the Premier League in the final segment of the draw. This allowed them to finally return to the Champions League, and even leave the group for the playoffs, but already in the 1/8 finals, the British lost to Milan. A cup relegation followed around the same time, and this, combined with instability in the Premier League, led to an explosion. The count, with another scandalous interview, nevertheless provoked his resignation. And they could not or did not want to find a new full-fledged manager, playing out until the summer under the leadership of Stellini. And there are enough problems with him – in April there was a draw with Everton and even a defeat at home to Bournemouth. After 1:6 with Newcastle, this Italian was also removed, putting acting. Mason. And with Manchester United under Ryan, it turned out to win back from 0:2 to a draw!

head-to-head statistics

Tottenham last won in 2017. After that, for the past 10 matches, Liverpool have not lost strictly. Including the Reds won in London 2:1.


Bookmakers have little doubt about the success of the Reds. But they also have enough problems, so we recommend betting on total over 3.0 goals with a coefficient of 1.78.

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