Ukrainian boxer of the middle division Sergey Derevyanchenko (14-4, 10 KOs) assessed the fight between the former champion in three versions Vasily Lomachenko (17-3, 11 KOs) and the reigning undisputed world lightweight champion Devin Haney (30-0, 15 KOs) ).

“The result of the battle is not natural. When we talked in the hall with our coaches about this fight, I said that there would be an equal fight and Haney would be given the victory. I think it was obvious. Because Lomachenko, in order to win, had to box 2-3 heads higher than the opponent, beat Haney, as in the 10th and 11th rounds.

When Vasily grabbed him in the 10th round, there was a feeling that he would finish the fight. But then he let him go a little in the end, or he didn’t have enough strength. Or he left some strength for the 11th round and also started it very well, but he could not finish the fight ahead of schedule. The 12th round has already turned out to be a little blurry, ”Derevyanchenko said.

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2023-05-25 22:56:00

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