Rukh head coach Vitaliy Ponomarev shared his expectations for the match of the 27th round of the UPL against Lviv (May 21):

“All the matches that we have left before the end of the season are extremely important. They are like finals. It is clear that we are preparing only for victory in all fights. We have nowhere to retreat, we need to score points in all fights. Therefore, we are preparing seriously. Guys, in principle, work at the proper level. I can’t say that there is some kind of underestimation of Lvov, everyone is very seriously tuned in, because they realize that there is a responsible game ahead.

Lviv is an uncompromising team, we lost in the first round match. Therefore, of course, we need to win now, to prove that we are not a weak team, but stronger. Therefore, there can be no underestimation at all, on the contrary, one must prepare and tune in very seriously. We understand that Lviv can give a fight to any opponent. This was demonstrated even by their match with Shakhtar. Therefore, there can be no talk of any underestimation.”

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2023-05-19 12:05:00

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