The head coach of Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih Yuriy Vernydub commented on the away match against Vorskla Poltava (0:1) in the 27th round of the Ukrainian Premier League.

– Congratulations to Vorskla on the victory. Stepanyuk scored a great goal. What questions can be here? It is noticeable that we lack the last transfer from the performers in the attack line. So that’s how it happened. Unfortunately, I do not understand some moments in the game: when a person judges – and then begins to invent something, “invent” … I don’t know what words to choose here.

Any touch to the players “Vorskla” – immediately scream, fall, whistle. Scream, fall, whistle – and so on in a circle. From the side of our team, I did not see this. Maybe I’m blind? We shouldn’t have lost today. But this is football. This is a sport. That’s life.

I am grateful to everyone who came to watch this match. I understand that they supported Vorskla more, because they played at home. Congratulations to the Poltava team and best wishes to the Vorskla club. Keep moving on. Peace and Victory!

– Yury Nikolayevich, three rounds before the end of the championship, when the tournament tasks have already been de facto solved and the players are already mentally “on their suitcases”, how do you manage to interest and stimulate the players so that they go on the field and give themselves completely?

– My guys are wound up and eager to fight. Yes, we have certain personnel difficulties, so there is a place for rotation. You won’t do anything about it. Look at the second round: only the first rounds we played more or less in the line-up that we prepared in the winter at the training camp. And then – injuries, injuries, injuries. This also had to be decided.

But I am pleased that the guys very quickly understand the tasks of our coaching staff and do the work that we demand. I think that everything will be fine – but we really cannot boast of the depth of the squad. Now, if there was “deeper” competition … But so far this is not the case. When it appears – I think, and the results will be completely different. As well as the place that we will occupy.

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2023-05-19 16:59:00

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