It so happened according to the calendar that on the final game day of the 27th round there will be two confrontations between teams from the same city. In one of them in Kovalevka at the stadium “Kolos” Kharkiv clubs “Metalist 1925” and “Metalist” will converge. This match will be very important for the rivals, as they continue to fight to stay in the elite division for next season.

Metalworker 1925

Four more rounds ago, after defeating Lviv with a score of 2:0, Edmar’s wards felt quite comfortable, occupying the tenth line in the standings. They were only three points behind Kryvbas and four points behind Vorskla, at the same time moving away from the group of teams that are fighting for survival. However, in the next four rounds, the Kharkiv team added only two points to their piggy bank and now they are separated from the play-off zone by only one point.

It is noteworthy that in the second round, Metalist 1925 began to concede a lot of goals into their own net. Hence, immediately four defeats with a big score with a total goal difference of 0-16. Of course, to some extent, the absence of goalkeeper Oleg Mozil due to an injury, who showed his best side in the first part of the tournament, had an effect. But it’s not only that. There were many more mistakes in defense, which was not particularly noticed before.

On the other hand, the Kharkiv team scores very little. Only 20 goals in 26 matches, of which only 4 goals in the second round. It is clear that with such performance you will not go far. So the place among the outsiders is understandable.

And also, like, by the way, the closest rival, Metalist 1925 is clearly not friendly with the game discipline. Too many warnings and deletions in the team. So the upcoming meeting due to disqualification will be forced to miss defender Igor Kurilo. Only he alone this season has 1 red and 6 yellow cards in his liability.


As for another Kharkiv club called Metalist, things are even worse for him. There was practically no trace of the team that went to the Premier League, and with a new mentor who appeared in the offseason, the situation only worsened.

The very fact that the Kharkiv team could not achieve victories in 17 (!) rounds speaks volumes. Some hope for the fans of the team appeared after the victory over Lviv 1:0. But a devastating defeat from Zorya 0:5 immediately followed, and now even one win is not enough to leave the zone of play-offs. Frankly speaking, only the most fortunate combination of circumstances will help Peritsa Ognenovich’s wards avoid parting with the Premier League.

However, as Metalist’s mentor himself says, his team still has a chance to get out of a difficult situation. It is only necessary to successfully play all four remaining matches, including the Kharkiv derby.

However, the captain of the team Egor Demchenko, who was sent off in the previous match with Zorya, will not be able to take part in the game with fellow countrymen. In general, Kharkiv residents this season are famous for one of the most undisciplined teams. Judge for yourself. They already have 8 (!) deletions, all different players, and 60 warnings.

Match statistics

Teams in different years advanced to the Premier League, so they did not have official matches with each other until November 8 last year. The only match in the first round, which ended in a goalless draw, was remembered for the fact that the opponents did not finish it in full squads. Andrey Ralyuchenko was removed from Metalist, and Mikhail Shershen from Metalist 1925.

Approximate compositions:

“Metalist 1925”: Mozil, Zhichikov, E. Tkachuk, Bezugly, Rudavsky, Gabelok, Kravchenko, Vachiberadze, A. Tkachuk, Remenyuk, Chiruk

Metalist: Ermolov, Romanyuk, Gunpowder, Mizyuk, Corral, Panasenko, Tchaikovsky, Naumets, Kartushov, Chidomer, Spinner

Forecast for the confrontation:

The game, apparently, will be very hard, but with a small number of scoring chances. Suppose the match ends in a 1:1 draw.

May 21, Sunday

“Metalist 1925” – “Metalist”Kovalevka. Kolos Stadium. 15:00 TB-broadcast on the Setanta Sports OTT platform Referee: Ekaterina Monzul (Kharkiv)

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