Head coach of Kryvyi Rih “Kryvbas” Yuri Vernidub highly appreciated the qualifications of the referee Katerina Monzul, who officiated yesterday’s match between his team and Oleksandriya (2:1).

“Today I saw a judge who is indeed a very high-level specialist. Katerina is the only one who judges in Europe. And this is no coincidence. She is a woman who understands football much more and judges correctly than all those men who are in Ukraine. For those judge taking into account “something, somehow and somewhere”, and Monzul comes out and honestly does his job.

She does it very interestingly and coolly, I have no comments on her. If there are any mistakes, then I absolutely know: these actions are not biased. Any person can be wrong. And when you play and referees are slightly different – ​​I will not name names – you are a miracle. Therefore, maybe they are taking me out already: after 23 rounds in this championship, I already have two removals, so I don’t even want to talk about it. I won’t say more about them.

Yes, sometimes I can shout, as it was in the game with Minai. But I did not offend this referee and did not say anything bad to him. This is on his conscience. God is the judge of all – he will judge. Boomerang has not been canceled: if they believe that it does not exist, they are very mistaken. It’s just that this boomerang is still somewhere on the way and hasn’t reached them yet,” Vernidub said.

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2023-04-30 07:35:00

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