On Saturday, April 29, in Kiev at the stadium “Obolon-Arena” the match of the fourth round of the championship group of the First League of Ukraine in football will take place, in which Kiev “Obolon” and Lviv “Karpaty” will play. The starting whistle of referee Dmitry Yevtukhov from Dnipro will sound at 15:30 Kyiv time.


With each subsequent round, it becomes clearer which teams will go to the last in pursuit of places in the Premier League for next season, and which will simply have to complete participation in the championship group with the task of maintaining their own reputation. In this context, Obolon Kyiv belongs precisely to the first group of teams, and due to cautious steps, it quite confidently moved up the standings. It got to the point that it is Valery Ivashchenko’s team that is now leading the championship race.

The teams still have to go through a month of serious tests ahead, but the calendar in this context will play into the hands of the Brewers. After Karpaty, they will again play against Niva and Epicenter, and there is every reason to believe that by that time these two rivals will definitely not have any claims. And then there’s the competitors, as if by order in the last round, synchronously stumbled, which allowed the capital club to break away immediately by two points from the nearest pursuer. It is already clear that Obolon will take part, at least, in transitional matches. But whether the team will be able to catch a direct ticket is a big question. If he comes up with something with performance, he will definitely be able to, but the main thing is that the almost perfect defense does not suffer.


Lviv “Karpaty”, in turn, still do not have full confidence that they will get into the top four teams of the First League. Andriy Tlumak’s team brought together well-known players even at the UPL level, but even such an experienced personnel clip does not allow the “lions” to speak with confidence about the struggle for a direct hit in the “elite” division. Karpaty are now in fourth place, but they should be much more worried about the fact that they have fewer goals scored than they conceded in the last nine matches (7 vs. 8).

Despite this, the start of the championship group for the team can be considered quite successful. Flint was beaten relatively easily (2:0), there were no goals conceded in the successful game against Metallurg (1:0), however, LNZ had to fight and the first problems became noticeable in 2023 (1:1 ). Only the experience of Denis Kozhanov saved that game for Lviv in the last minutes, but Karpaty cannot rely solely on one player. Their calendar is extremely difficult, so it is far from certain that we will eventually see Tlumak players even in transitional matches.


The main arbiter of the upcoming game will be 31-year-old Dmitry Evtukhov from Dnipro, who already has 7 matches in the first division to his credit. Side referees will be Alexei Mironov and Mikhail Yukhimenko, and Artem Mikhailyuk will work as a reserve referee. Yevtukhov has experience in holding matches with Obolon – 1 win, while he has not yet crossed paths with Karpaty.

Estimated compositions

“Obolon”: Fedorivsky – Fateev, Karas, Lukyanchuk, Korokhov – Moroz, Kosovsky – Prokopenko, Pear, Chernov – Ermolenko.

“Carpathians”: Ilyushchenkov – Sakiv, Duts, Priymak – Kozhanov, Chachua, Ryabov, Galenkov – Bobko, Tlumak – Hoblenko.

Forecast for confrontation

We believe that the hosts will be able to win a tough victory in the upcoming game. Our bet will be the position – Obolon will win in one of the halves with a coefficient of 1.81.

April 29, Saturday

Obolon – KarpatyKyiv. “Obolon-Arena”. 15:30
Arbitrator: Dmitry Evtukhov (Dnipro) Forecast Sport.ua – 1:0

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