On Saturday, April 29, the match of the First League of the championship of Ukraine took place.

“Karpaty” pulled out a victory away from “Obolon” (2:1). The Kiev team remained in the minority in the 65th minute, Taras Moroz was sent off the field.

The winning goal was scored by Ivan Bobko on 90+11 minutes with a direct free-kick in the top nine.

After the game, Obolon President Oleksandr Slobodian expressed the opinion that the Lviv team had come to the match with their referees.

First LeagueApril 29

Obolon – Karpaty – 1:2

Goals: Dmitry Fateev, 87 – Alexey Khoblenko, 57, Ivan Bobko, 90 + 11.

Sent off: Taras Moroz, 65 (Obolon).

Video review of the match

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