Oleksandriya’s head coach Ruslan Rotan commented on his team’s actions in the match against Veres (2:2).

“For the first twenty minutes, the game was in our hands. They played as agreed. Then it’s pure failure. I have already told the players about this. They must have respect for the coaching staff, for the club and give their all on the pitch. The way we played today – I, as a veteran, could also go out. And he would have played better.

Veres fought for the result today. 0:2 they turned over to 2:2. I think the head coach of Rovno should give their team a compliment. They fought.

And our game today is a disrespect for the coaching staff. This is the attitude of the players to their work. If they don’t respect coaches, they should at least respect football,” Rotan said.

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2023-05-24 15:57:00

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