The wife of the Ukrainian goalkeeper of the Andijan club Igor Litovka declared that Crimea is Russia.

Elena Litovka wrote an Instagram comment under a video in which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russia had brought degradation to Crimea:

“That is, the Crimeans need to be saved? Crimea became part of Russia by the will of the people, and not by military means, and whoever doesn’t like it can pack up and leave.”

After publicity in social networks, she deleted her comment. Interestingly, in February 2022, a woman gave birth to a child in Kyiv under shelling from the Russian Federation.

Igor Litovka could not help but comment on this situation and tried to justify the words of his wife:

“My wife is not a public person, so I will answer for her. Because all messages yesterday and today come to me. I read this in the evening, I was amazed and surprised. I don’t even know what words to choose. I’ll try to tell you how it really happened. She didn’t mean it. I just formulated my opinion incorrectly and at the same time immediately deleted the comment in order to write a new one. But then I changed my mind and even forgot about it.

Later, someone made a screen, they began to look for treason in these words, they signed me. But I want to make it clear that we have never supported a terrorist country. How it can be supported, I do not even know. This is first. Secondly, in 2014 we left Crimea. Everyone left, although I had a new contract with the team for 4 years. We were looking for where we would build a house, where we would live, but all this was crossed out in one moment. When the annexation began, we left the peninsula without even thinking and started our lives from scratch.

And of course, I would like to convey a separate greeting to those who, in a second, are looking for some kind of “treason” in the actions of ordinary people, not knowing either their fate or their life circumstances. How can my wife support anything related to a terrorist country if she gave birth alone practically in a bomb shelter, and my second daughter, along with my parents, sat under bomb explosions in a basement in Chernihiv. They saw each other in just a week, and I was generally in Turkey. No one knew if we would see each other at all. Judging people without knowing their history is the easiest thing to do.

I agree that something like everyone else has done might resonate. I, too, if I did not know the whole situation, would be indignant. But the person simply expressed his thoughts incorrectly, and then everything spread over the network. And what gets on the Internet is already difficult to change. That is why I give a direct comment on this situation. I felt uncomfortable too. Since all these comments have appeared, I have received all sorts of messages. Both my friends and ordinary people, outraged by the situation itself, wrote to me with surprise. Once again, I want to apologize if this offended someone or someone misunderstood everything. But our position is clear and there is no reason to doubt it.

I also want to add that I myself am from Nikopol, which is daily under artillery fire from the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. We know who is doing this nuclear terror. My family and friends are in this city. I often call them and follow the situation. Therefore, I want to emphasize once again that we believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukraine. To our inevitable victory. That all our territories will return home. Glory to Ukraine and glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

And as for whose Crimea or something else … Here the opinion is unambiguous. Crimea was, is and will be Ukrainian. This is not discussed at all in our family. I would also like to first of all apologize on behalf of her and our family in my person to those whom these words offended. Or rather, those who misunderstood them. We believe in our victory and Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine and glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

PHOTO. The wife of Igor Litovka gave birth to a child in Kyiv under Russian shelling

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