Rifet Kapić, a 27-year-old Posnian midfielder of Kryvbas, spoke about life in Ukraine during the war.

‒ How do you live in Krivoy Rog?
– I really like the city, a beautiful center with good restaurants and cafes. I have not been to many places yet, but it is amazing how Krivoy Rog combines beautiful buildings with nature and industry.

In general, I have already seen something in Ukraine – Kyiv, Odessa, Lvov. Your country is very different, but beautiful.

‒ What’s the scariest thing you’ve seen in Ukraine?
– Oh, at first in Ukraine every day was scary and unusual. You go, you look at the broken houses – you can’t get used to it. Especially when I heard from my father that there is a war. I had never heard sirens before in my life and didn’t know what a curfew was. What to do? How to behave? But I am amazed at the courage of the Ukrainians, how they maintain a normal life with incredible efforts even during the war. I can only say “thank you” to the Ukrainians for how they care about each other, about all the people who are nearby.

‒ How quickly did you adapt to the sirens and match interruptions?
“It’s really hard for the players. You are already warmed up, playing, then a break – and not knowing how quickly it will end. Of course it breaks the rhythm. Go to the locker room – and then go out again, tune in, it’s difficult. Moreover, it happened to us more than once – with Dnipro-1, Ingulets, in other matches.

But, every time this happens, I say to myself: “Say ‘Thank God’ that you are alive, you are in cover, wait and go out to play. And how many people give their lives for Ukraine!” It cannot be harder for me to play football, train, work in Ukraine than for people who are fighting for their homeland.

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