According to journalist Igor Burbas, Lviv plans to field mostly youth squad for the next UPL match against Rukh.

Team leaders were reportedly told not to prepare for the match because they would not be playing.

“The bookmakers are gradually withdrawing the Rukh-Lviv match from the line. Others simply lower quotes. And this is more than two days before the starting whistle.

“Everything goes to the fact that the hosts will win without any extra effort. The opponent, who has resigned himself to the last place in the table, is not going to put up the strongest squad for the game at the moment. I emphasize that it is at the moment. I hope the situation will change and Lviv will fight. But many of the main players in the team are warned in advance not to prepare for the next round, because they will not play, ”said Bourbas.

Earlier it was reported that the club is already offering players to break the contract and leave the team. It is possible that Lviv will cease to exist in the event of relegation to the First League.

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2023-05-19 11:51:00

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