Zorya head coach Patrick Van Leeuwen commented on the 0-3 loss to Shakhtar in the central match of the 28th round of the UPL:

“At the beginning of the match, Shakhtar players may have received more respect than they should have. At the beginning of the second half we received a red card. We need to play more carefully in such situations. This is not a good moment.

I haven’t talked to Snurnitsyn yet. He himself knows that he made a mistake. Tomorrow we will talk to him why this happened. I expected more from the team, a better result. Just like the players themselves. But if they told me that we would have 2 defeats in 13 matches, then I would say “OK”.

You can still fight for second place, there are two more games ahead.”

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2023-05-24 17:45:00

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