Head coach of Rivne “Veres” Yuri Wirth shared his emotions from the team’s performance in the match of the 27th round against Shakhtar (1:2):

“I thanked the players today for their attitude to the game. Good fight match. The guys turned out to be the most tuned. We rebuilt a bit, for the first time we played according to such a tactical scheme and, in general, coped with Shakhtar’s attacks.

We conceded the first goal in a situational minority. Oleksandr Matkobozhik was off the field at that time. And the partners didn’t finish it somewhere. During the break, they asked to improve the work with the ball. We easily lost the ball and could not go on the counterattack. There were many marriages.

Bogdan Kohut gave us confidence after the repulsed penalty. And the replacement players added aggression. The standard position brought us success. Then they wanted to close all zones as much as possible.

But we conceded a very simple goal. Three central defenders gave Nikolay Matvienko a shot. Moments like this need to be perfected. In relation to the game, effort – everything is fine. But you don’t get points for that. Everything was fine today, except for the unscored points.

I think that Shakhtar will remember this game. It wasn’t easy for them here. The only thing is that I would like to move from defense to attack better. Because of this, I was nervous a lot. Not the best day in terms of ball control. Now for us the most important game of the season is the next one against Oleksandriya.

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2023-05-19 20:23:00

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