MEGOGO commentator Vitaly Kravchenko addressed in Spanish to the Catalan “Barcelona”, whose players Alejandro Balde and Sergi Roberto recorded a video with a greeting to the fans of the Russian Federation:

“While Russia is bombing peaceful Ukrainian cities with missiles, killing civilians, our heroes are dying, and ordinary Russians are silently watching this or even supporting this war, Barcelona is recording a video in which it addresses Russian fans and sends them congratulations.

Shame on Barcelona, ​​Alejandro Balde and Sergi Roberto for this act. We see the support of all of Spain – with weapons, words, humanitarian aid, and we are infinitely grateful for it. And yes, we saw a video where the president of Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, addresses the Ukrainians with words of support.

But the appeal of Balde and Roberto to Russian fans is an attempt to sit on two chairs. And we condemn it. Today I saw how the fan community of Barcelona, ​​one of the most popular clubs among Ukrainian fans, is collapsing before my eyes. This is exclusively Barcelona’s fault. Pardon my accent and pronunciation.”

MEGOGO commentator: Shame on Barcelona! Their fan community is crumbling before our eyes.”

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2023-05-20 20:59:00

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