Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Vladislav Kabaev shared his impressions of the match of the 23rd round of the Ukrainian Premier League with Metalist (3:1), in which the Kyivans gained an advantage in the score only after they gained a numerical advantage on the field.

– You came on as a substitute before the start of the second half, revived the game. As Alexander Vladimirovich [Шовковский] set you up?

– In general, I didn’t set it up at all. I missed three weeks due to an injury, I wanted to play another game against Shakhtar, I was getting ready and I was ready to take the field. I have been at Dynamo for a long time, there were no scoring actions for a long time, so I really wanted to either score or give an effective pass. I am already an adult football player, so there is no need to additionally set me up.

– It was great to see Vanat, who was not covered by anyone at all …

– It was hard not to notice him in that situation (smiles). We are Dynamo players, and we must see our partners on the field.

– Diallo made his debut in the Premier League – he is also a player in your position. How do you assess the competition on the left flank of midfield?

– Everything is fine, we have a good team. Back at the training camp, Mircea Lucescu noted that Nazar Voloshin and I are in good shape, and healthy competition will only benefit the team. Now Samba Diallo has joined the first team – a young guy who still has everything ahead of him. But it’s okay, the one who is better prepared for a particular moment will play.

– What did Shovkovsky say to you after the game? Perhaps praised?

– No, we don’t have people who are praised individually. The whole team deserved this victory. Next week there will be a theoretical lesson, where we will analyze the vicissitudes of the duel. And after the game, Alexander Vladimirovich only thanked for the game and congratulated on a good result.

– Dynamo, according to the calendar, has three away matches in a row. Can there be difficulties due to logistics, since they will take place in different remote corners of the country?

“You know, I don’t see anything wrong with that. We are still living in normal conditions, given that there is a war going on in the country. It is much more difficult for young guys, adult men at the front, defending the country from the aggressor. Therefore, we definitely should not complain about any difficulties.

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2023-04-28 14:01:00

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