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With a projected revenue of $16.8 million from 3,659 locations, the horror film “Smile,” which was distributed by Paramount and is currently in its second weekend of release, has given the studio plenty of reason to grin broadly this weekend. That would amount to a drop of only 26%, making it one of the best holds in horror film history.

Smile took in $5.4 million on Friday from 3,659 theaters, which was more than enough to surpass the earnings of Sony’s new family picture Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, which took in $3.5 million on Friday from 4,350 locations. Smile was released in more cinemas. Competitors estimate that Sony will only make $11 million or less over the weekend, but the company expects to make $12 million to $13 million.

The majority of Hollywood anticipated that Lyle, Lyle, which is based on the children’s book of the same name, would triumph over the course of the weekend, even if only by a small margin. The movie now has a reviewer’s score of 68 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and has garnered an A-Cinemascore from the audiences who have seen it.

The star-studded movie Amsterdam, directed by David O. Russell, was the biggest flop of the weekend. After receiving negative reviews from critics, the mystery comedy is looking at a potential opening weekend gross of $7 million or less from 2,005 theaters. Rotten Tomatoes critics have given it a score of 33 out of 100, which is one of the lowest scores in the careers of Christian Bale, who was in charge of photography, Margot Robbie, and John David Washington.

On Friday, the movie brought in $2.6 million, placing it in third place, behind Smile and Lyle Lyle.

Disney is the distributor of the New Regency motion picture, Amsterdam. Due to the fact that the film’s target audience, which is comprised of older individuals, is more influenced by critics, tracking decreased its prediction to $10 million when reviews started trickling in. However, even that statistic was encouraging for the market.

There was a time when optimistic box office experts and exhibitors thought that both Lyle and Lyle and Amsterdam may have had opening weekends in the mid-teens. If the events of Saturday play out differently than anticipated, it is still feasible that the projections could be revised.

In other news, the awards season at the box office begins in earnest as the films Tár, directed by Todd Field, and Triangle of Sadness, directed by Ruben Ostlund and winner of the Palme d’Or, begin playing in select cinemas to encouraging box office results.

As it opens in four theaters in New York and Los Angeles, the new film Tár, which was produced by Focus Features and stars Cate Blanchett, is expected to achieve the highest location average of the weekend, which is over $37,000.

Neon’s Triangle of Sadness is going for a broader opening footprint, which translates to 72 different sites. It is anticipated that the film starring Woody Harrelson will achieve a local average of $21,000 or higher.

This Sunday will see a refresh of the numbers.

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