Andrey Nedelin, Executive Director of Metalist 1925, commented on the club’s appeal to the football authorities regarding the closure of all betting lines for the Kharkiv team’s match against Ingulets

“It is important to clarify the meaning of today’s appeal of FC Metalist 1925 to the leadership of the UAF and UPL on the eve of the upcoming match of the 28th round Ingulets (Petrovo) – Metallist 1925 (Kharkiv). In the feed of the Insider UA telegram channel in the middle of this week, material was published that cast doubt on the principle of wrestling in determining the places of teams in the lower part of the UPL standings at the end of the 2023/24 season. Among other things, the following lines are heard in this material: “According to the available information, knowledgeable advanced people have already put a lot of money on all head-on matches of this trio (“Veres”, “Metallist 1925”, “Ingulets” – ed.) in Asian and not only offices, and now, holding their breath in languid expectation, rubbing their hands, they are waiting for replenishment of budgets of different levels. Comments, I think, are unnecessary …

To the credit of the authoritative football Internet media in Ukraine, this stuffing was not widely replicated. Journalists on direct and indirect aspects smashed this fiction to smithereens. The principle of “information hygiene” has not been canceled, but the sediment, whatever one may say, still remains.

Late in the evening of May 19, news appeared in the media regarding our appeal to the President of the UAF – Andriy Pavelko, the Executive Director of the UPL – Evgeny Diky, and the head of the UAF Ethics and Fair Play Committee – Francesco Baranca. Moreover, the interpretation, to be honest, is a little lame.

So, the main motive is yes, indeed, we are turning to the football institutions of Ukraine with a request to inform the leading betting companies of the world about the deliberate public discrediting of the participants in the upcoming match in Petrovo and therefore, in order to avoid misunderstandings, we ask the UAF Ethics and Fair Play Committee to bring this information to the leaders of the largest betting companies of the world, as well as, if possible, initiate the closure of broadcasts of all betting lines of the fight in the Kirovograd region.

Moreover, as far as we understand, Mr. Baranka remains the current Secretary General of Federbet (a non-profit lobbying structure of European casino and bookmaker owners – an organization, among other things, designed to actively oppose match fixing). And the gambling community will definitely listen to his recommendations…”

Nedelin also published a screenshot of the club’s official letter sent to the leaders of the UAF and the Ukrainian Premier League.

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2023-05-20 01:17:00

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