Well-known coach Oleg Dulub shared his opinion on the UPL championship race:

Let’s start with the main question then. Who will win the championship?
– It will be a photo finish. Shakhtar, Dnepr-1 and Zorya still claim the first place. Let’s apply some elementary math. All teams have four rounds to play, and Shakhtar will still play against Zorya and Dnipro-1. Let’s assume that the leaders will play a draw among themselves, and win against the other teams. Shakhtar will score 8 points and 71 points in the championship, Dnipro-1 – 10 points and also 71 points, Zorya – 10 points and 68 in total.

– Does this mean that Zorya will remain third?
– And now from mathematics to game parameters. The nuance is that van Leeuwen’s team enters the end of the championship with the best game. It is very difficult to overcome the five points gap from Shakhtar in four rounds, but the Luhansk team is incredibly lucky this season. According to Wyscout, their xPoint score is 12 points higher. In other words, thanks to luck, Zorya has not 46, but 58 points. This is an anomalous indicator.

The main reason, it seems to me, is the atmosphere in the dressing room that the club and, first of all, the coaching staff created. Almost all the players in the team are Ukrainians. Plus, in winter, the club very successfully invited Eduardo Guerrero. The Panamanian had already played under van Leeuwen, and Patrick knew how to fit the striker into the playing pattern and into the team. Looking at the last rounds, you can see that the Luhansk team is perhaps the best in the UPL preparing for a specific opponent.

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2023-05-20 08:11:00

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