President of FC Shakhtar Rinat Akhmetov congratulated the fans on the 87th anniversary of the club.

“Dear fans! Dear friends!

We are celebrating Shakhtar’s 87th birthday at a time of the most difficult trials for our club, our country, for all Ukrainians. The war leaves no room for a festive mood, it takes away all our thoughts, our strength, our emotions. But we are united around a common goal – the victory of Ukraine.

Each of us daily makes every effort to bring our victory closer. Our military, volunteers, doctors, power engineers, all Ukrainians win daily battles with the enemy and circumstances and help the country survive and defeat the aggressor. The most important thing we need is strength, patience and faith in victory.

FC Shakhtar has been experiencing all the difficulties of the war since 2014, when due to the invasion of Russian troops we were forced to leave our native Donetsk, our home – our Donbass Arena, our fans.

But we continued to fight: on the field we won brilliant victories for Ukraine, outside the stadium we helped Ukraine and Ukrainians with all our might. FC Shakhtar supports our soldiers, who were seriously wounded at the front, by financing their treatment and prosthetics, takes care of children who lost their parents due to the war, delivers humanitarian aid to where it is most needed.

Now Shakhtar is not just a football team, the club has become a symbol of Ukraine in Europe and the world and always stands guard over the interests of Ukrainian football and our country. Now I am especially grateful to the club for its active citizenship, which helps to strengthen the international positions of Ukraine and together defend the image of our country in the world. I am grateful to the Shakhtar players for personal appeals to colleagues from other football clubs, aimed at helping them to distinguish good from evil.

Today I would like to congratulate the veterans of our club, who have won the honor and glory of Shakhtar throughout these 87 years. I would like to congratulate the coaches, players, staff and employees of the club who write the modern history of the Pitmen. I want to congratulate all the generations of our fans, without whom there would be no these victories and achievements, and especially those who are now defending our country.

Shakhtar’s main victory is Ukraine’s victory in the war. The main desire is the liberation of all our lands, peace and prosperity in the country, peace and well-being of all Ukrainians. Only then will we be truly happy when the Anthem of Ukraine will be played again in Donetsk and Luhansk, Mariupol and Crimea before every Shakhtar game.

Peace and goodness to you and your families, dear fans!

Happy birthday, Shakhtar! Happy holiday, dear friends!”, – stated in the message.

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2023-05-24 06:14:00

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