The head coach of the Dnipro-1 team Oleksandr Kucher assessed the match of the 23rd round of the Ukrainian Championship with Ingulets (2:0).

– It was not an easy game for us, because we had a difficult road, and there was poisoning in the team – we cautiously let six or seven people onto the field. As for the game, we controlled the course of the match, although it was clear that Ingulets played with desire and was in a good mood for us. The opponent was waiting somewhere for his chance, but we played well in defense, although there was a moment in the second half when we could pay for a mistake. However, I think that the score for the game, and for us the most important thing, that there is a result, is three points, and now we will move on.

– What episode of the match was decisive today? When did you feel that your team would not miss a victory?

– It was felt that we were superior to Ingulets and we just needed time to score a goal. In the first half, the weather conditions also affected, and somewhere the wind interfered, and after the break we were already playing in the wind and the rain wetted the field, so it became easier. After that, the game went on and the moments went. We could have scored more, but I repeat that 2-0 is a good result and three points is the main thing for us.

– Does the team have a task to take exactly the first place, or will you be satisfied with just reaching European competitions?

– For us, the higher the better, but how will it be further? We play from match to match, we prepare for every match, we want to defeat every opponent and we will give all our strength in the game for this. What position will we take? We’ll look at it when we finish the championship.

– Your next opponent is Metalist. Can’t there be an underestimation of the opponent in this match?

– There will be no underestimation, since we recently played against Rukh and Lvov, and in these matches we had problems, although in the end we had a positive result. Teams that are in the relegation zone give their all. So there can be no underestimation, especially since we have already stepped on this rake. We need to take this game seriously, prepare for it, because we need to win.

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2023-04-29 13:57:00

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