Zorya’s mentor Patrick van Leeuwen estimated the victory 2:0 in the Ukrainian championship match against Ingulets. The team remains in the top 3 and the fight for the UPL title.

– Not our best game, because the beginning was difficult. The guys are worried because they see the standings of the team, when success is getting closer and it is difficult to cope with emotions. We had chances both for realization and for playing through the flank. We succeeded, but much later than it was possible. Many moments failed to materialize. But in general, we won – so this is a good result.

– Why was Shakhov absent today? Will Guerrero play in the match against Shakhtar?
– As for Guerrero, we will look at his health. Now it is too early to say what exactly happened, whether it was an injury or just a spasm. We will observe and make decisions. As for Shakhov, it is not known whether he will play on Wednesday.

– Before the start of the championship, what goals did you set for the team for the season?

It’s hard to talk about it, because if you look at the composition of the team at the beginning, when we played against Universitati, and now, then half of the players are no longer part of our club. In the second round, some changes were also made specifically in the composition, because there were injuries, and such an unfortunate situation with Oleg Danchenko. I told the guys that if you want to show your ambitions and good results in the team, the UPL is the best opportunity for all of you. Everything depends on you. This setup was because most of the team were rookies and young players. And when we began to gain momentum, I said that we have the potential for further achievements.

– Today was a monotonous game. What influenced it?
– There were such options when the guys should play easier, give a pass to another player faster. Move the ball more often from flank to flank. We didn’t always get it right today.

– Did the players save their energy before the next match, which will be against Shakhtar?
We go from game to game. And today’s game is no exception, it was very important for us. It was important to win and then look at the next matches.

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2023-05-20 15:11:00

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