Goalkeeper of the Donetsk football club “Shakhtar” Andriy Pyatov criticized the work of the referee Yuri Ivanov in the match of the 27th round of the UPL Dnipro-1 – Kolos:

– Andrey, the championship race has reached the finish line. What are your impressions of this difficult season in general?

– This season the championship differs from many previous ones in that there is a serious struggle at all levels of the standings, including for the championship. I think the fans are interested in watching this fight. Such tension has not been in our championship for a long time. We will try to do everything in the remaining three rounds to maintain our advantage and win the championship. Now, in wartime, this title is more important than ever for us. The main thing is to have a fair fight.

– Information was spread that in order to reduce the likelihood of refereeing errors and, as you say, create equal conditions for a fair fight and determine the champion, the VAR system will work at the leader matches until the end of the season. In the 27th round, VAR already worked at the matches of both Shakhtar and Dnipro-1. Did it make the referee’s job easier?

– Of course, VAR allows you to avoid controversial situations on the field and significantly improves the quality of refereeing. Remember how many controversial, dubious penalty kicks have been awarded without VAR lately. But VAR does not solve all problems. There are episodes that we see on the field, but let’s just say that the work of VAR does not apply to them. For example, yesterday the decision of referee Yuriy Ivanov attracted attention, who, in the 80th minute of the match Dnipro-1 – Kolos, with a score of 1: 1, appointed a free kick in the Kolos penalty area towards the goal of the team from Kovalevka for wasting time goalkeeper.

I have been in football for over 20 years. As a goalkeeper, I was outraged by this decision. The referees are loyal to the six-second rule – in each match you can find several such episodes. Sometimes they prompt: “Introduce the ball!”. And here the referee out of the blue with a draw at the very right time created a scoring chance for Dnipro-1. It seems that the referee was waiting, looking for this episode, took advantage of the rules and created a scoring chance for Dnipro-1. It was not Dnepr-1 who created it, but the referee. This, if I’m not mistaken, is the same referee who awarded a strange penalty against Ingulets in the match against Dnipro-1 a few rounds ago, and also with a draw.

I’m not saying that violations should be ignored – rules are rules. But such violations are recorded once every ten years. And when this is done in a championship race in favor of a team that claims to win the championship, with a draw with 10 minutes before the end of the match, it causes outrage. As you can see, in such moments VAR does not help the arbiter to make adequate decisions. I would like the championship to be played in the remaining rounds in a fair fight, and the judges would not interfere with this.

The duel of the 27th round of the championship of Ukraine “Dnepr-1” – “Kolos” ended with a score of 2:1 in favor of the team from Dnipro.

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2023-05-20 16:03:00

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