Well-known football expert Oleg Fedorchuk commented on the disappointing results of Dynamo Kyiv this season.

“Blaming Lucescu is the easiest thing. Yes, there is Lucescu’s fault, but the main problem is much deeper.

The fact is that Lucescu has always worked with mature players, or talented Brazilians, who were given enough time to adapt. He just set the game, smoothly introduced into the team.

The global problem of Dynamo is the wrong vector for the development of the entire club, chosen ten years ago. Let’s remember the so-called Spanish model of the game, which Dynamo tried to instill in its time. And what? Who did Dynamo bring up?” Fedorchuk said.

It should be noted that Dynamo, four rounds before the end of the season in the UPL, is fourth in the standings and eight points behind the third Zorya.

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2023-05-19 04:19:00

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