Veres Rivne head coach Yuriy Virt summed up the team’s draw with Oleksandriya (2:2).

“Of course, after two goals conceded at the start, the mood was not the best. Although we started the game well, we worked well with the ball. Again missed after a rebound. Lack of luck again. And then overslept the second goal. A vertical pass and a shot into the near corner from thirteen meters – we should not miss this. With all due respect to the opponent. Again, they themselves gave odds to the opponent. This is already the sixth or seventh game, when already at the start we are forced to recoup.

But we worked on. We played the rest of the match at a high level. We drove the opponent to his half of the field, put pressure, took the ball away, attacked a lot. The last transmission was missing again – as in the episode with the goal of Dmitry Klets.

We played against the fifth team of the championship and completely surpassed it. That’s why the game is fun. Not only happy with the result. Draw is good. But we can do better. All the makings for this are there.

We do not take into account our competitors. It all depends on us – we win two games and everything will be fine. We have our own tasks, and we must solve them. The championship will end – then we will analyze: where are we and what’s next, – said Wirth.

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2023-05-24 16:47:00

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