Kolos head coach Yaroslav Vishnyak spoke about his impressions after the match of the 23rd round of the UPL against Shakhtar (1:3):

– Firstly, I want to express my condolences to the families of the people who died from today’s shelling. Such an event, after which it becomes not up to football. We all need to hold on, wish for victory and thank our Armed Forces for being able to play today. As for the match, I think it turned out to be interesting for the audience: there was intrigue, chances were created at both gates.

The game was divided into two different halves. What did Kolos lack in the second half to keep a positive result?

– Well, there is still a rival, so it’s not enough to say only that something was not enough for us. The guys did everything they could. But there is a rival who added, rebuilt a little. Shakhtar from the beginning of the second half began to put pressure on our goal, put more pressure.

Somewhere we could not cope with this pressure and launched them too close to our own penalty area, we could not meet higher. This resulted in the fact that we received a penalty into our own net and a second conceded goal, when Traore pushed us and calmly disposed of his moment. They did everything they could, but the class of the opponent was higher.

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2023-04-28 20:23:00

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