Ukrainian winger of London Chelsea Mikhail Mudrik got into trouble.

Yesterday, May 23, the Ukrainian worked out in the gym. During a workout, he decided to film a man doing a seated pulldown. However, this was not what attracted Mudrik and his camera. During exercise, the man’s pants slipped off. The football player decided to publish this video on his Instagram stories.

For such an act, the footballer was criticized by a well-known sports coach, blogger and bodybuilder in the UK. Joey Swall:

So you see this man in the gym, working hard, trying to be the best, working with a trainer. He got into an awkward situation, yes, he got a little naked. And you decide: “Let me film this and put it on social networks to make fun of him.” All for attention. Is it true?

Sorry for the bad language, but what the hell is wrong with you? You are a professional footballer playing for Chelsea in the Premier League! Do you really want to represent yourself and your team like that?

Either help him, or mind your own business, but put the phone back,” Joey said in a video message that he posted on his Twitter.

VIDEO. Mudrik got into a scandal. He was criticized by a bodybuilder, what happened?

Either help him or mind your own business but put your damn phone away!

— Joey Swoll (@TheJoeySwoll) May 24, 2023

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2023-05-24 11:50:00

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