Forward of the Azerbaijani “Zira” Vladislav Kulach spoke about the war between Ukraine and the Russian invaders.

– How did the war between Ukraine and Russia affect your life?
“It is very difficult for my country. But I know that our people are stronger and that Ukraine will win! I always support and worry about my country. I always try to help our soldiers, they are real heroes!

– If it’s not a secret, how do you help?
– There are many funds that my friends are involved in. So they collect to help our military. I myself have friends and acquaintances in the hottest points of the front, we are trying to help in every way we can. I believe that very soon we will defeat the occupier, and life will be even better than it was before the war. Glory to Ukraine!

– Do you feel support for Ukraine in Azerbaijan?
– Yes, sure! There are a lot of people who, having learned where I come from, support Ukraine and say that we will win this dirty war. They speak very warmly about Ukraine and Ukrainians. There are many Azerbaijanis in Ukraine, and everyone knows what is really happening there. So far I have not met a person in Azerbaijan who would speak badly about Ukraine. Thank you people for your support!

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2023-05-24 16:42:00

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