Midfielder “Dynamo” Anton Tsarenko spoke about the players he sympathizes with, and remembered the performance in the UEFA Youth League.

“I have always supported Barcelona. I followed them when Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi played there.

I don’t know why Igor Kostyuk (coach of the Dynamo youth team – ed.) compared me with them. Perhaps because of the height, and perhaps because of the position in the middle of the field or because of the similarity of the game. By the way, Luka Modric also impresses me. I am small, so I single out the little ones more. Lorenzo Insigne played for Napoli and the Italian national team. He is a legend in the club and won the Euro with the national team.

Last year’s youth team could reach the final four (UEFA Youth League – ed.) and fight for the victory. We had every chance, but the war made its own adjustments.

The hardest thing was against Benfica at home, when we won 4-0. The first half was pretty hard. For me it was the first game in this tournament. And it was in it that I felt the high level of the teams. Before every game there was some jitters. This is fine. After the whistle, it disappears and you are in the game. It was hard to play against Barça, we felt the Spanish “tiki-taka” on ourselves. I wanted to show myself both as a team and individually. I think we succeeded.”

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2023-05-20 02:58:00

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