Rukh Lviv head coach Vitaliy Ponomarev praised the home game against Vorskla (1:1) in the 23rd round of the UPL.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to play today the way we wanted. This is if you take the drawing of the game itself. It is felt that the players have a very big responsibility. In addition, points are now more needed than the game. But I would like the players to show good football.

The players that we have need to develop, and they have room to grow professionally, it is worth striving for a quality game, then the result will come. Now, unfortunately, this tournament situation hangs over them, there is a burden of responsibility, so we didn’t manage to play liberated, confidently, so not everything works out for us.

Vorskla is a good team, they have a very experienced defensive line. We knew how they act on the football field, studied the weak points. However, it was not possible to implement everything planned, so it was difficult to organize many dangers at the gates of rivals,” Ponomarev said.

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2023-04-29 16:05:00

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