The head coach of FC Oleksandria Ruslan Rotan at a press conference commented on the defeat from Kryvyi Rih Kryvbas (1:2) in the 23rd round of the UPL.

– Congratulations to Kryvbas on the victory. Before the score was in favor of Kryvyi Rih, we failed to score. Instead, they conceded from a set piece, after which a nervous game followed, and as a result, Kryvbas won. I thanked the guys for the match, they did everything to win – but this is football, this happens. The best team doesn’t always win the match.

How do you like refereeing? Are there any comments?

– And what about refereeing? Perhaps there was a penalty against Kryvbas. But we accept what is. Watch episodes. Maybe you weren’t at the match?! Were? So it was bad vision.

Do you think the weather conditions today affected the result?

– The weather is the same for the two teams. Indeed, none of the players likes to play when there is wind or other so-called “non-football conditions” – a heavy field, rain, etc. But we must accept everything. I thank our defenders that we generally play in this championship. This is the first thing to say.

Is the fight for a place in European competition escalating? What did you say to your guys after the defeat from Kryvbas?

– We have the next match. We must accept this loss and move on. You have rightly noted that the struggle is escalating. Now every fight will be a battle for six points. This is what I told my wards.

How would you rate the performance of goalkeeper Nikita Shevchenko? Was it his fault for the goals conceded?

– I evaluate Oleksandriya’s game in general and don’t want to focus on one person. The whole team wins or loses. We all lost together today. We need to accept this result, make the right analysis and move on,” Rotan said.

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2023-04-29 16:36:00

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