Dynamo Kyiv defender Oleksandr Syrota shared his impressions of the match of the 23rd round of the Ukrainian Premier League with Metalist (3:1), in which he scored the first goal of the Kyiv team.

– An atypical goal for a central defender. How did you decide to break through?

– I often stay after training, Tsarenko and I practice such blows – and, as we see, this work has paid off.

– In the first half, I got the impression that the ball stubbornly did not get into the opponent’s goal. Dynamo attacked a lot, but it didn’t reach 100% chances…

– It was difficult because they played with a five-back formation, so they couldn’t overcome such a tight defense. It’s good that I managed to shoot so well – and score. If the zero score had lasted a little longer, it would have been very difficult in the future. When we were already leading by two goals, we had to play reliably, as the coaches talked about in the locker room, but we did not act the way we should.

– How should you play?

“We had to take control of the ball. We had one player less, so we had to calmly finish the match, and if there were chances, then convert them. Yes, Denis was wrong, but who does not happen. It’s good that we scored the third goal and brought the game to victory.

– Do you, as a defender, have an unpleasant aftertaste that you failed to keep the goal “dry”?

– It’s a little unpleasant, but this is football. It was, is and will be. Even if we concede, we have to score much more than our opponents.

– Today Lucescu stayed in Kyiv, Alexander Shovkovskiy was the acting head coach. How has the absence of a head coach affected the team?

– Mister was with us before leaving for Uzhgorod, he carried out the installation for the game – that is, he was with the team. We can say that today we played for him.

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2023-04-28 15:38:00

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