At the post-match press conference, Kryvbas head coach Yuriy Vernydub spoke about the victory over Oleksandriya (2:1) in the 23rd round of the UPL.

Yuri Nikolayevich, congratulations on an important emotional victory! How do you guys play today?

– I am very grateful to them! We lost the last two meetings, losing to teams that we should not have lost and with which we should have taken points – instead they reported. But we take points with rivals who are one level higher.

On the one hand, it’s nice. On the other hand, this suggests that my wards do not always do what you demand from them, and they do not have such a mood that should be for every game. It doesn’t matter who we play against: Shakhtar, or Dynamo, or Minai, or Lviv – we have to go out and show our level, because after losing in matches with weaker opponents, you greatly underestimate your level.

And then – time! – and beat “Alexandria”. I am very grateful to the guys, we took important three points. You can see how dense the lower half of the standings is: everyone is running out – you can fall down at any moment, God forbid. Therefore, these points allow us to calmly prepare and move on. Moreover, the next meeting is on the road with Ingulets. This is not an easy team, demonstrating good football with the arrival of a new coach, Sergei Kovalets.

Do you consider this UPL season one of the most interesting for you, given the high density between the rivals?

– Perhaps I would have seen him like that, but I can’t say that he is the most interesting – now we have a full-scale war with the Rashists. At this time to play – respect to the guys. But after what these creatures are doing… When you find out that just the day before there was a hit in a multi-storey civilian building in Uman, little children dying, peaceful people, it is very difficult to switch to football. Very hard. I say this sincerely.

I would really like Ukraine to win as soon as possible – and then any championship that starts will be much more interesting for me than this one.

Evaluate the actions of the arbitrator …

– Today I saw a judge who is indeed a very high-level specialist. Ekaterina is the only one who judges in Europe. And this is no coincidence. She is a woman who understands football much more and judges correctly than all those men who are in Ukraine. For those judge taking into account “something, somehow and somewhere”, and Monzul comes out and honestly does his job.

She does it very interestingly and coolly, I have no comments on her. If there are any mistakes, then I absolutely know: these actions are not biased. Any person can be wrong. And when you play and referees are slightly different – ​​I will not name names – you are a miracle. Therefore, maybe they are taking me out already: after 23 rounds in this championship, I already have two removals, so I don’t even want to talk about it. I won’t say more about them.

Yes, sometimes I can shout, as it was in the game with Minai. But I did not offend this referee and did not say anything bad to him. This is on his conscience. God is the judge of all – he will judge. Boomerang has not been canceled: if they believe that it does not exist, they are very mistaken. It’s just that this boomerang is still somewhere on the way and has not yet reached them.

The first half was a completely different game than the second. Were there any words or settings during the break?

– No, he didn’t say anything. In my opinion, the guys had a very good first half. Good game, ball control, good openings, combinations both from our side and from Oleksandriya. We were opposed by a curious young team: fast football players, technical ones. So the first half was good. And in the second half we were somewhat more fortunate. Although from the very beginning they had half-moments, and we also had good episodes.

We were a bit lucky during the corner kick when we scored the first goal. I realized that Oleksandriya’s players would now go forward and win back – I said this when I called captain Dmitry Khomchenovsky to me. We had to play carefully on defense and play correctly on offense, making the right transition from defense to attack, which, in fact, we did great. We scored for the second time – although we conceded at the end, the guys gave a little slack. But 2:1 in our favor is the most important thing.

What would you wish to all fans and admirers of Ukrainian football today on All-Ukrainian Football Day?

– Sincerity. Always be with the club you support. Everyone has their favorite team – and never turn away from it, especially in difficult times. Because when there is a result – everyone is together, and when a certain failure happens – everyone turns away and starts to shame. Always be to the end!

Well, and most importantly… There are a lot of our fans at the front, where they defend Ukraine. Low bow to them from FC Kryvbas and all other UPL clubs for what they do for us. For the fact that we can hold this championship.

Unfortunately, many died … We will never forget about them, we will always remember and, for our part, help their relatives and friends in any way we can. I give you my word. For me it’s sacred. Thanks everyone! And most importantly – come back alive with a victory!

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2023-04-29 16:53:00

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