Zorya head coach Patrick Van Leeuwen shared his impressions of the UPL round 23 match against Chornomorets (3-1 win):

– We started the game well, chances for conversion immediately began to appear – this is good. In general, we showed good results in the end of the first half. We wanted to make substitutions earlier so that the guys could rest until the next fight, and it is already on Wednesday, a very short time to prepare.

By the beginning of the break, we conceded a goal and there were some moments that we would like to score, but were not destined to. Guerrero has a lot of chances, said he should shoot more when he’s ready for it. He also played well in tandem with Nazariy Rusin and the score was 3:1 in our favor. This is football – whoever scores more wins.

– Why did your team refuse from intense pressure at the opponent’s goal during the break?
– The weather conditions for football were very good, but some players “did not see the sun for a long time”, were not used to such warm weather and got tired after a while. Also, Chornomorets did not always give such an opportunity for pressing.

– Zorya had a lot of the most critical moments this season, but, unfortunately, many of them remained unfulfilled. Will you work on these aspects of the game that could definitely come in handy in future European competitions.
– We are always working on these aspects, at every training session. Therefore, this is not discussed. We will analyze the mistakes of each player on the video, show them what was done wrong, and then hone the theory in practice.

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2023-04-29 14:08:00

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