Captain of the football club “Dnepr-1” Alexander Swatok commented on the team’s victory in the match of the 23rd round of the Ukrainian Football Championship against Ingulets:

– Alexander, congratulations on a difficult victory. It was very difficult to play. How would you comment on the match?

– Indeed, the field is difficult, the weather conditions are not simple – a strong wind interfered, but the main thing. that we won and scored three points.

– In the first half, Ingulets closed tightly, and in the second half the chances started. What changed?

– We played the first half against the wind, and in the second half it was already downwind and it became a little easier. Ingulets always plays well in defense and counterattacks dangerously. It’s good that we scored a fairly quick goal in the second half, and it affected the game, because now the opponents needed to recoup and they started to open up a bit.

– Ingulets coaches were very emotional about the penalty. What is your point of view at the moment?

– I was away from the episode. The foul was for sure, but where exactly – in the penalty area or not, it’s hard for me to say. We’ll see later. But what’s the difference? The arbitrator has already made a decision. Judges can make mistakes in one direction or the other. This is football.

– Igor Kogut started today after scoring the winning goal in the last match, and today he scored again, moreover, after your assist. This moment was very reminiscent of Robin Van Persie’s goal against the Spaniards at the 2014 World Cup. Is there such a comparison?

– Probably, yes, it was. The pass was a long distance, and Igor knocked the ball over the goalkeeper with his head.

– Did you know that he would beat in this episode?

– I didn’t know what to beat, but he shouted, and I saw him and gave him in that direction to the free zone.

– In the first round you played with Ingulets 2:2, and today you have already won. Does this mean that the team has learned to tune in to rivals when it plays the role of a leader?

– Hard to say. There are different games. Here when it goes.

– The championship race continues. Does the fact that there is almost no room for error in the remaining matches put pressure on the team psychologically?

– In fact, it is a pleasant psychological burden when you tune in to every game and you understand how much is at stake in every match. Not every year Dnipro-1 fights for first or second place, so this is a pleasant pressure. So let’s get ready for the next games.

– What do you need to pass this final championship race smoothly?

– You need to score and not concede in every match.

The match of the 23rd round of the UPL “Ingulets” – “Dnepr-1” ended with a score of 2:0 in favor of Dnipro.

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2023-04-29 19:48:00

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